Mirella Caputi,

creating unique pieces


Hi! My name is Mirella Caputi, proud owner of MACP Contemporary Jewelry. I started this company due to my fascination with all types of jewelry in 2014 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I was inspired by so many things, but most importantly by Italian Fashion. The creation of unique and interesting pieces is my main goal, all crafted by hand with love for you.

I decided to follow my passion when I moved to madrid to study fashion in IED. I then realized I loved accesories and decided to continue my studies in Florence, Italy, doing a master's degree in Alchimia Contemporary jewelry, where many important designers started their careers. 

Throughout the years, I have participated in many expositions from London to Germany, and finally decided to take my dream to my home country, Ecuador. In spite of having my shop in Guayaquil, I decided to expand and take my art to several parts of the world, including Colombia and the United States.